Decisions of the Month

January 1999

Civil Appeal 350/96 Avi Vareze Weisser vs. Shavit and others from January 19th, 1999.

The Supreme Court decision regarded the breach of an obligation to give a gift.

Comments on the ruling by Dr. Yichiel Kaplan.


February 1999

Retrial 7929/26 Ahmed Kozli and others vs. The State of Israel from February 16th, 1999.

The Supreme Court decided to order a retrial on the case of the murder of young Dani Katz.

Comments on the ruling by Prof. Emanuel Gross.


March 1999

High Court of Justice 1284/99 Unnamed vs. The Chief of Staff and others from March 21st, 1999.

The High Court of Justice decided on the matter of the promotion of Brigadier (General) Galili.

Comments on the ruling by Dr. Limor Zar-Gutman.